EP50: The Sound of Trees

Welcome to Episode 50 of the Eatweeds podcast, where host Robin Harford takes us on an auditory journey into the world of sound art and ecoacoustics with guest Jez riley French.

In this episode, titled 'The Sound of Trees', we dive into the fascinating world of listening to plants and the hidden layers of sound that surround us.

Jez, a leading British sound artist, shares the behind-the-scenes details of his latest exhibition in the Forest of Dean, revealing the actual internal sounds of plants and trees through his self-built microphones.

The immersive live installation aims to change the way we engage with forests, moving beyond their traditional leisurely use.

Highlights of the episode include Jez's discussion on the ethics of field recording, the importance of listening on nature's terms, and the significance of durational listening.

He also sheds light on the often overlooked history of women in sound art and field recording, challenging the conventional narratives that have long dominated these fields.

Listeners are encouraged to rethink their relationship with nature and sound, embracing the complexity and beauty of the world's acoustic environment. 

Whether you're a seasoned sound artist or new to the concept of ecoacoustics, this episode offers a fresh perspective on the art of listening and the power of sound to connect us more deeply with the natural world.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the sounds that often go unnoticed.

Show notes are below for a deeper dive into Jez riley French's work, and the transformative power of sound.

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Many thanks to Pheobe riley Law for permission to use her photo of Jez in the episode artwork.

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EP50: The Sound of Trees
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