EP46: Foraging In Italy

This week on the Eatweeds podcast, we travel to the remote, idyllic region of Abruzzo, Italy, a haven for foragers, to meet our special guest, Marta Udalowa. Originally hailing from Poland, Marta has turned her passion for wild foods into a lifestyle, immersed in the bounty of nature.

Join host Robin Harford as he engages in a fascinating conversation with Marta, a master pickler, about life in the Italian countryside, the art of foraging, and the delightful practice of pickling and preserving. This episode shines a spotlight on how Marta bridges the gap between the wild and the kitchen table, making the most of both cultivated and uncultivated plants.

In episode 46, "Foraging In Italy", you'll discover:

- The magic and abundance of Abruzzo’s unique flora, a true paradise for foragers.
- The secrets and techniques of pickling and preserving, passed down through generations and honed by Marta to perfection.
- The value and satisfaction of country living, and how the line between wild and cultivated foods can blur in a beautiful synergy.
- Marta’s personal experiences and stories of foraging in Italy, offering a fresh perspective on wildcrafting.

Whether you're a seasoned forager or just starting to explore the world of wild foods, you won't want to miss this insightful and inspiring episode. Discover how Marta's Italian adventure can provide you with new ideas for your own foraging practices, and maybe inspire you to try your hand at pickling!

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EP46: Foraging In Italy
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